About us
What we offer

ecohunts.com offers new, unique worldwide hunting adventures at favourable conditions. Our website allows you to put together a customised hunting trip according to your needs, personal preferences and hunting ambitions.

Use the modular system of ecohunts.com to create your own individual package – whether you prefer to hunt with a rifle or with a bow and arrow, whether you enjoy hunting alone or rather with friends and family, whether you want to stay in a rustic cabin or tent or prefer the luxury of an upscale hotel, and whether you want an adventure in a faraway land or would rather stay close to home.

Who we are

The people behind the young company ecohunts.com have plenty of experience in both business and hunting. We are seasoned hunters with our own hunting grounds in Austria and hunting experience on several continents, successful entrepreneurs and marketing experts. Our large network of outfitters is constantly expanding, and we work together with the best taxidermists and nature photographers.

What we believe

ecohunts.com offers 100% legal hunting opportunities for all types of game in their natural habitat. This coincides with our belief that hunting is more than just killing the game. We believe that hunting is essential for the protection of game and its habitat and that the regulation of the game population contributes significantly to the balance of interests between hunting, agriculture and forestry. It has been confirmed internationally that sustainable hunting makes a significant contribution to species conservation. We also hope to achieve wide acceptance in society by promoting ethical, sustainable hunting.
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